April 1, 2016

Changes to Executive Structure and Executive Titles

In order to further strengthen coordination between its next generation light motor vehicle development and manufacturing functions, NMKV Co., Ltd. has made the following changes to its executive structure and executive titles.

1. Executive Personnel Changes


Masaki Takahashi

Director - Chief Technology Officer (CTO), resignation effective March 31
(From April 1 Masaki Takahashi will serve as Assistant to Corporate General Manager of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation Production Engineering Office)


Yoshihiro Nishiyama

Director - Chief Production Engineering Officer (CPEO), appointment effective April 1
(Previously Director of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation Production Engineering Office Overseas Production Planning Office and Senior Expert in the Thai Business Office Thai Business Department)

2. Executive Title Changes


Former Title

New Title

Yoshio Horiuchi

Director - CFO/PD

(Chief Financial Officer and Program Director)

Director - CTO/CFO

(Chief Technology Officer and Chief Financial Officer)

Yoshihiro Nishiyama


Director - CPEO

(Chief Production Engineering Officer)