Our Role

NMKV draws out the high degree of value possessed by two automobile companies—Nissan Motor and Mitsubishi Motors—to achieve an innovative approach that would be impossible for either one of them alone. NMKV was born from Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation as the first joint venture in Japan’s automobile industry. We draw from the variety of experience and expertise, human resources, and other strengths of these two companies that have different characteristics, fuse them together effectively and efficiently, and create unprecedented new cars.

NMKV handles the planning and development of Kei-cars.

The world of these small automobiles that are built to unique Japanese standards has the significant potential to change not only the automobile industry of the future, but the lifestyles of many people as well. The innovative cars created by NMKV are placed on the market through the powerful distribution networks of the two parent companies.

NMKV is a small organization.

Backed up by two powerful forces, NMKV is able to turn on a dime with greater speed and achieve great things in the field of light automobiles. That presence, combined with sharp and dynamic activities, is what defines NMKV.

The NMKV Model

The returns and risks are high with in-house development, and low with OEM.
Joint ventures (JV) are somewhere in the middle, so to speak.

However, NMKV has developed its unique "NMKV Model" to create highly competitive products while dispersing risks. The source of the NMKV Model is the value-creation abilities available only from NMKV as we organically combine our two parent companies Nissan Motor and Mitsubishi Motors to fully utilize their resources, technology, and expertise.

NMKV's Value Creation

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation each have their own strategies for the Kei-car area. One aims to display a significant presence as an automobile company in the Kei-car area as well. The other aims to fully utilize the high level of Kei-car development capability that it has built up to this point.

The presence of a partner is critical in achieving these goals, and the two companies gained a shared understanding that they are each other's partner.

However, it is very difficult to cross corporate lines and share the automobile development expertise that has accumulated inside the company in the past. Accordingly, the two companies decided to establish the industry's first joint venture between two Japanese manufacturers: NMKV.

NMKV has established a unique position that allows us to draw out the strengths of both Nissan Motor and Mitsubishi Motors. We have created a mechanism to smoothly and speedily mix and fuse the human resources, knowledge, and actions, etc., of the two companies, maximize returns, and minimize risks. That is the NMKV Model.

The NMKV Model has the following characteristics.

  • An "outside-the-box" approach
  • "Picking the best" of both companies' strengths and creating something extra
  • Speedy decision-making

The value-creation capabilities unique to NMKV—the driving force that moves the significant power of Nissan Motor and Mitsubishi Motors—are what make this possible.

NMKV displays powerful empowerment leadership in the new partnership style of the NMKV Model.