Fusion for Innovation

Nissan Motor and Mitsubishi Motors.
Japan's two representative auto makers partnered to establish the first joint venture in Japan's automotive industry: NMKV.

Each of the two companies has gained experience, produced results, and acquired wisdom over their long history. Those elements are all brought together, smoothly and firmly fused into one, and transformed into innovative cars by NMKV.

Fusion for Innovation
With these words in our heart, we at NMKV move vigorously forward with the next generation of automobile craftsmanship.

Eiichi Akashi, President and CEO
President and CEO
Eiichi Akashi

Message from the CEO

NMKV, a joint venture between Nissan Motor Co., Ltd and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, is a very unique entity specializing in planning and project management of Kei-cars. Inherited the DNA of two leading auto companies, NMKV is committed to act as a catalyst for its parents to make 1+1=3 or 5, something that single player has never attained. Our mission is offering attractive products to the world, combining the best of the experience and knowledge gained in each parent. NMKV has fulfilled its mission with speed and significant results over its 13-year history. It has been one of the most successful businesses in the alliance.
The most recent products are DAYZ/ROOX/Sakura, eK Wagon/eK Cross, eK Space 、Delica-mini, and eK Cross EV.Their unparallel competitiveness is only possible by the product planning of One Team with diverse talents and the simultaneous development of new Platform/ Powertrain. Many prestigious awards that the fleet received for four successive years hallmark their success, while their steady sales have made a significant contribution to the Kei-car business of both alliance companies.
Sakura/ek Cross EV brought EV experiences to a wider range of customers, and pioneered a new Kei EV category while also contributing to the environment.
NMKV is always aspired to be a trailblazer to open a new era by taking the lead in manufacturing from the planning stage. The smooth launch of our innovative products was supported by capitalizing the close collaboration in Kei car development and production that we have built over the years, as well as the technology and knowledge that both companies possess.

As pioneers of electric vehicles, both of us will continue to fulfil our mission and further refine our products to be more competitive and unrivalled, while driving the initiatives to plan and develop the next generation products.
I highlight three points which serve as basic principles for alliances to bring together diverse group of people with different backgrounds and even unlock the values.

First, mutual trust and respect. People must trust each other and respect each other's BRAND that an individual represents.
Second, transparency.
The third is fair and just decisions.
It is all about Respect, Transparency, Fairness.

Sometimes, our opinions clash and interests collide. However, I believe that fair and impartial decisions can only be made through candid, in-depth discussions, not through discussions based on superficial information but through high transparency in the posture, objectives and overall strategy. And I also believe that this way will lead to the creation of better solutions for enhancing both brands.
At NMKV, let us put these three principles into action and sustain our contributions to our alliance partner through sincere and honest discussions with our colleagues who are meant to cross your career path for reason.

Our Vision/Mission

The NMKV Vision - Three Corporate Principles

Enrich people's lives through our business.

Maintain clarity and conciseness in all we do, and increase the openness and transparency of our activities.

Respect diversity and conduct business from a global perspective.

The NMKV Mission

We at NMKV will consolidate the experience and knowledge of both parent companies to create attractive and
innovative products.

We will accomplish this through flexible out-of-the-box thinking and
an agile ability to put ideas into action.